Minton Family Reunion

The fabulous and outrageous Minton’s returned this evening from the greater Minton Family Reunion at Beachwalk Resort in gorgeous, sunny and sandy Michigan City, Indiana. Take a look at a quick little iMovie segment I put together of my two boys being boys, created entirely (of course) on my iPhone 4s! A fun little project with what I think is an appropriate song giving friendly accompaniment!


View From the Water


I thought I’d share this picture that I recently took on the Lake Michigan a couple of weeks ago. Taken at dusk using a Leica D-LUX 3. The lake constantly provides spectacles to take pictures of, this one makes me proud but mother nature really did all of the work. With a decent camera anybody can take a great photograph these days.  

Exploring the Past


This afternoon was spent at the Field Museum with my very inquisitive nephew Cameron who turned 9 years old this year. Our first encounters were of course the two giant elephants that are on the main floor seemingly wrestling each other for rule of the museum’s main floor.

Just beyond the two African titans is another very impressive and no less of a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex nicknamed Sue that I captured several images of, this one being my favorite.


I used a Sony Cybershot DSC-T1 which sports a Zeiss lense and 5.0 mega pixels. Not an exceptional camera, but for a compact point and click it’ll do the job.

I’ve spent many a weekend afternoon at the Field Museum and know it’s exhibits fairly well already but I never bore of seeing the wildlife and tools from so many different cultures. Bows and arrows, war-clubs, spears and harpoons, muskets, and then there are the more utilitarian objects such as those used to do something as simple and mundane as making a fire to cook food or warm the interior of a small hut or shelter. I was reminded of all of the many many aspects of living that I so often take for granted without even realizing I am doing so. It goes without saying that we’ve come a long way but I find myself wondering is this a good thing, or was life better when there were less of us making demands on this planet and it’s shrinking resources.