How the Bird Flew

The fox grappled the sparrow

In a melee of feather and fir;

The only sounds in the forest

Erupted from where they were.

As snow and feather signaled score

Of the battle, out from the sight I Continue reading


Lake Michigan

        At your shores

I felt the dune

sands time pass

between my toes.           

           Water_ the motion

of its inhered Continue reading


Overhead a rabbit thumped

And varmints scurried about,

Smelling as they, panicked, bumped

Into each other without


Concern. A hawk flew above

The ground, and animal things

Made silent ways their ways of

The moment that danger brings.


In the lamplight:

I saw you disregarding its rays, in

The wrong spectrum as

They were_ miserable, unsatisfying_

They did not saturate your

Cells with photo-reactions.

You seemed lonely in your

Dinnerless companionless


Great Joys

One of my greatest joys in life has been consistent and never changed, even through all of the phases of adolescence and into my young adult life, and that is reading a good book. Usually once a week I get into some sort of gentle scuff with Karen about a new novel lying about the apartment that we don’t have room for and I take myself (and the poor book) upstairs to our storage cubicle to put the book in my ever growing collection to be pulled out and shelved when we move to a larger d Continue reading


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