Minton Family Reunion

The fabulous and outrageous Minton’s returned this evening from the greater Minton Family Reunion at Beachwalk Resort in gorgeous, sunny and sandy Michigan City, Indiana. Take a look at a quick little iMovie segment I put together of my two boys being boys, created entirely (of course) on my iPhone 4s! A fun little project with what I think is an appropriate song giving friendly accompaniment!


Old Friend

This tree I see now as

I remembered it: broken- still a vessel once

upon a time now lain down in its own

stillness to rest; to dust.

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In My Mind I Said to You

On the edge of a wood, on a clear

Crisp day, in my mind- we walked; your hand

In mine. Your smile was the mirror

Of female loveliness. But the land

Was lovely too and when I mentioned

This to you, of certain that you knew-

That so, in my eyes all attentioned:

You were the lovlier of the two.