The Real Deal

Most of this week I’ve found myself somewhat distracted both mentally and spiritually at the recent loss of Steve Jobs. I spent the previous several months as usual focusing on work and family but always there was that almost “kid waiting for Christmas feeling” with the advent of the forthcoming release of the iOS 5 that we learned so much about months back- and of course waiting for the new iPhone.

Now, after having time to process the past weeks events… I find myself thinking- we could have lost most CEO’s out there and in the greater scheme of the universe we wouldn’t have lost much… Especially when you consider the banks and financial institutions… The are many I would react with “that’s a shame…” and certainly the organization that I’m fortunate to work for has amazing leadership… I would (we all would) be sorrowful to lose him- but none that I can think of have been so responsible for changing so much in people’s lives for the better! And for so long and in so many vast ways!

Last week, we lost a true member of society… A true human… What we should all aspire to be… The real deal.



2 comments on “The Real Deal

  1. phanthemanh says:

    good entry 🙂 what do you think about iphone 4s

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