Jedi Battle

As a Starwars fan I get a huge jolt from the fantastic work that amature film makers are doing these days. Finding them is as simple as doing a “starwars” search on youtube. I found this particular media segment to be phenomenal.


3 comments on “Jedi Battle

  1. Bruce says:

    Regarding the Jedi Battles…

    Yes, very cool.

    How do they create that effect anyway?

  2. Ian's Forest says:

    Bruce hi,

    How the special effects are done is probably easy though not to me;)

    I would imagine it is something that can be created during the editing process, you can find video’s made by these young gentlemen all over youtube using the search words star wars, or jedi battle and so forth. I actually enjoy youtube very much. There is an enormous amount of creative energy there to be viewed.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Minton

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