Yeehaw as a foreign policy

As I watched this scene in the film “The Quick and the Dead” it reminded me of how our current Presidential administration is bullying the world around, though we’re starting wars, not simple gunfights with other nations and their leaders. I’m sure that if Bush and his business partners here in the US and elsewhere had to fight their own battles rather than having their armies and Blackwater mercenaries do their fighting for them they’d keep their mouths shut more often.


2 comments on “Yeehaw as a foreign policy

  1. Billy says:

    America has *always* been a bully–what this administration is doing is nothing new–just more known. Suggested reading: “Rouge States” by Noam Chomsky. Or for that matter, nearly *any* book by Chomsky, lol

  2. iansforest says:

    I’m familiar with Chomsky’s work, he has an amazing brain that one.

    Have you heard of Norman Finkelstein? He’s another enlightened individual sacraficing for the betterment of mankind.

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