We drove past the lake,

my Father and I, and noticed_

in the warmth of

his car_ the temperature

was so low outside that

the water resembled a

giant slushie. I pointed

it out.


He said once as we approached

the city on a piece of

track made for coming and going

that the skyscrapers,

off in the distance, looked

like proud chess pieces

helter skelter against the afternoon sky.

My memory of this city

 place: as if it were

a lion, lumbering still across

a plane_ relinquishing the

life of its quarrys.

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One comment on “Chicago

  1. kimtelas says:

    Well Ian,

    I will do my best to find words here.

    First of all, for me,it is a journey of time and place and this is conveyed powerfully.

    First, the child offers up the experience of place with “frozen slushie” and shares it. Shares it.

    The the father speaks to chess pieces. Chess is an orderly, logical, methodology “game”. Responds to son. Responds.

    Helter skelter is not orderly.

    Here we have order expressing chaos.

    My. How does one DO that??? I am in awe of this slushie, to chess, to helter skelter journey.

    And the visual is all there. I can see the sky scrapers clearly.

    And, yes, there is more.

    The lumbering lion across the plains.

    Living in Nebraska, I see this image, and it makes sense to me in the context of Chicago. Seeing Chicago after being in the plains (agriculaturalized, granted) leads me to your lion image.

    Quarry: Prey and Granite.

    Lions hunt prey and dropping a quarry/prey could never feel like anything else when you are experiencing this poem. And, I here it kerplunk on the prairie floor.

    Damn Ian.

    Nice tale.

    Thank you,


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