Lizzadro Farmhouse Road

Just off of Gratiot Lake

Road and finding

A road that cannot

Contain its playful winding

And leads to the home

Of dear friends you’ll see

Some of the most stunning

Land in this fine country.

Its trees are plush

With colors they share

And animals run

in woods spanning everywhere.

The journey down this gravel

Passage brings me pleasure

At my visit to this fine

Shelter fare, an outdoor treasure.


4 comments on “Lizzadro Farmhouse Road

  1. kimtelas says:

    I know this road. It is in Maine where when we traveld to visit.


    Thank you,


  2. iansforest says:

    No Kim, it is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Keewena County) where a dear friends family farmhouse has stood for close to 100 years. The road branches off from Gratiot Lake Road and is about 3 or 4 miles long and ends at the compound where the home and their orchard is.

    But in my mind it could be anywhere, anywhere that you find true peace inside your heart and love for a place that is so strong that you visit it in your mind when you are absent from it. I’m sure that there are many many Lizzadro Farmhouse Roads in Maine and all over the New England states, maybe more importantly the real Lizzadro Farmhouse Road for most of us lies in the heart, where we can take it with us wherever we go. I think that’s a nice way to describe how I feel about the place, and even the entire peninsula!

  3. kimtelas says:

    Oh my, I apparently think others can read my mind!

    Knowing where the road actually is for you is wonderful.

    I meant metaphorically when I said I knew the road.

    The poem touched the road in my heart, as you say.

    Thank you,


  4. iansforest says:

    Kim I am honored to hear you say that. And I am genuinely overwhelmed to have you coming back and reading my poems and thoughts. Thank you, Ian

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