Down Lake Shore Drive

City Palace: her lights in

winter an emphatic

will of destinations among metal

trees and concrete ideas.


The remnant Christmas lights

among the way a warm

souvenir of frozen agitation;

hurried shopping in last minute


Among her streets like

a lone man in a gold mine, aware

of so many sudden possibilities_

an automatic any moment


Always heavy, she leads me on,

indiscriminate of variety.

Each traveler the same in

his succession as one coming or


She sits like a river with flow,

the source of the city. Its

anger, in her form, transportation.

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4 comments on “Down Lake Shore Drive

  1. Chai Tea says:

    Ian this poem is amazing- you are amazing!

  2. kimtelas says:

    “a warm souvenir of frozen agitation”

    “Its anger, in her form, transportation.”

    I do not know Chicago but have visited several times when a friend lived there.

    This is amazing.

    And, what I felt before I even attached it to Chicago was this city of indifference, rage, and real living which means joy also. Paradox.

    I have been reading this at least once a day since you posted thos poem. I have to do that so I can sit with the poem.

    Yep, reflector baby here.

    And, well, one needs transportation some days.



  3. iansforest says:

    I’m delighted that you enjoy it that much Kim, Chicago is one of those cities that heaves its chest as it breathes- and watching is fun;)

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ian – your work is incredible… this site is incredible. I’m so glad I had a chance to talk to you and Tory last night. It was very refreshing… I feel fortunate that you were willing to share your thoughts and words with me… thank you.

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