For the People One and All

     What is going on in this world? It appears to me as if a massive portion of our planets population has taken crazy pills- the one’s that make you forget, the one’s that make you hate, the one’s that make you extremely distracted, and the one’s that make you gullible. We’ve got paranoia being spoon fed to us by our government and it’s tool-bag the news media- thankfully at least we have Lou Dobbs. We have a Leader and his cabinet that is out of control, that is marching us straight into the dark ages, and wreaking havoc all over the world while trying to lie its way out of the corner it has painted itself into! No global warming my ass!

     So here is what I’d like friends, please post your thoughts here in this thread. It is simple to do just hit the comments button below the post and you’ll be prompted to the comments screen.

     Tell me what is wrong with the motor and how to fix it… Take this opportunity to talk about what’s on your mind- it can be anything, but I want to hear it, and I would like to be able to reply and maybe we can together collectively start an idea. Think of it as a meeting of the minds if you will. An exercise in self discovery. An opportunity to vent some steam. Or a way to pass the time.


3 comments on “For the People One and All

  1. doug weeks says:

    you’re a fag…. love ya brother

  2. glpease says:

    Is it craziness, or just the triple-threat cycle of ignorance, fear, and an almost pandemic absence of compassion? Are things really all that different than they’ve been many times in the past?

    The wheel of karma continues to spin. We’ll find our way out of present kettle, eventually, no doubt to find ourselves in another in the future. Free will doesn’t automatically come with good sense. 😉

  3. Black Dog says:

    Wow, I could write a book on what I think and feel about this. Not that anyone would want to read my book of disorganized thoughts…….

    I agree things are spinning out of control. I fear that governments cannot be depended upon to protect and assist their citizenry, but rather have now become driven to achieve their own purposes. These governments will justify almost any means to achieve their ends. Do I think the US war in Iraq was about international terrorism? No. Do I think it had a lot to do with a Presidential grudge? Yes. Do I think that “big business” lobbied to make this war happen? Yes. Do I think the world is better without Saddam in power? A little. Do I think the war has been worthwhile? I don’t know. I think it will take a generation to determine whether Iraqis are better off.

    I say “governments” as a plural, because I believe the problem is greater than just the USA. For example, I don’t believe your ordinary “Joe” in Iran really wants to make war with the West; I don’t believe his government is working to “Joe’s” best interests. Likewise, while I may not like what the government of Iran is doing to destablilize the Middle East by enriching uranium, I have no interest in making war against “Joe.” I don’t think that “Joe” and I are very different in wanting to live quietly, raise our families, and find a little pleasure in the world.

    As a couple, my wife and I have decided to do our best to make the small things count. We’re only two people, and cannot solve the world’s problems, but we can try to make small positive impacts in the places we go and the things we do during the day. Our legacy will be such that few people will remember our names a generation after we die. So, in a matter of thinking, we are leaving our legacy behind a little each day.

    So, we do small things, like show “common” courtesy to people; we get involved as a family in things outside of our white-bread suburban neighborhood; we greet people with a smile and look them in the eye; open our home to kids who need one; as church-goers we go to a church that is racially diverse.

    And yes, we “racially profile.” I try to make a specific point of doing these small things with people who are not like me. Here is a small example: If you are a white man, try to make eye contact, smile, and greet a black woman. It is almost impossible. I think generations of hurt, distrust, and maltreatment are deeply ingrained in black women. I want to help break down these barriers, and also help prevent new ones from being built. If I can help a Indonesian Muslim immigrant to think well of a white man, he may make a point of raising his kids to live peaceably with my Caucasian kids.

    I don’t care what people do within the privacy of their home (so long as they’re not running a meth lab or a child porn ring), but I expect them to be good citizens when they walk out their front door. Good citizens come in all sexes, colors, religions, shapes, and sizes. And I think it’s only right that I try to be a good citizen as well We only get so much time to plant our seeds in the world.

    If you’re still reading this, thanks. This may be the most clearly I’ve ever articulated my little thesis on how to live in the world.

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