Minton Family Reunion

The fabulous and outrageous Minton’s returned this evening from the greater Minton Family Reunion at Beachwalk Resort in gorgeous, sunny and sandy Michigan City, Indiana. Take a look at a quick little iMovie segment I put together of my two boys being boys, created entirely (of course) on my iPhone 4s! A fun little project with what I think is an appropriate song giving friendly accompaniment!



What legacy was the energy of this man, what fate!
His momentum was the Earth, it’s
rotation a force of the technologies of the
universe collaborating towards a singularity!
Where all things connect- subatomic madness abated.
Order in such simple form- now
a perfect endless annual symphony.

The Last of the Titans

The greatest thinkers of our day, the very thought leaders whose contributions to the world of literature and letters that shape the minds of our best and brightest are falling falling falling to time.

This August first we lost the last of the great crusaders in a long line of intellectuals and authors, Gore Vidal.

He had a long history in his 86 years of breaking with traditional fiction of the times. Of his 25 novels, 2 memoirs, volumes of essays, plays, television dramas and screenplays it was his early titles that were by account of many critics considered riske compared to his contemporaries at the time. He paved the way for honesty in the pages of a novel- and was a pioneer who revealed truth, however unwanted was at the time.

He twice ran for office in 1960 when he was the Democratic Congressional candidate for the 29th District in upstate NY, campaigning as aggressively in California as Caesar himself in Gaul- but lost at both attempts.

Gore Vidal was one of the last of the great Titans of the written word and truthfully I fear for fiction and it’s audiences around the globe.

Three Muskeeteers

Color me crazy, but if the most recent and insulting copiam discribandi of Alexander Dumas is an indication of how Hollywood really feels of its fans I’m at a complete loss of words.

This is no masterpiece, it’s much much more (and by that i mean worse) than what the novel intelligentsia call bad writing. Dumas’s legacy is the adventure and journey that accompanies the discovery of truth and justice… This film reduces those efforts to the infantile and banal and calls forth- gives buoyancy to- all that is folly with the modern art of storytelling.


The Real Deal

Most of this week I’ve found myself somewhat distracted both mentally and spiritually at the recent loss of Steve Jobs. I spent the previous several months as usual focusing on work and family but always there was that almost “kid waiting for Christmas feeling” with the advent of the forthcoming release of the iOS 5 that we learned so much about months back- and of course waiting for the new iPhone.

Now, after having time to process the past weeks events… I find myself thinking- we could have lost most CEO’s out there and in the greater scheme of the universe we wouldn’t have lost much… Especially when you consider the banks and financial institutions… The are many I would react with “that’s a shame…” and certainly the organization that I’m fortunate to work for has amazing leadership… I would (we all would) be sorrowful to lose him- but none that I can think of have been so responsible for changing so much in people’s lives for the better! And for so long and in so many vast ways!

Last week, we lost a true member of society… A true human… What we should all aspire to be… The real deal.


The World Waits


And waits… And waits… And waits some more!

It’s true, I have the fever. Like many others on the globe I’m a Mac junkie with a need for my annual fix! This year it’s been 2 iPads, an iPhone, the Lion OS, countless iTunes and App Store purchases, and soon to be a new iPhone and the long coveted iOS 5!

We’ve come a long way from the first iPhone! I’m delighted to say I’m still here, and even more enthusiastic about Apple’s technology and how it makes large scale human interaction simple and elegant!

RIP John Updike (3/18/32 – 1/27/09)

John Updike’s writing has played a large part in my development over the years as a reader. His very creative, complex, and artful sentences have taught me that with fiction, the “anything goes” applies as much to the method as the madness of the plot, and for that Mr. Updike, thank you. Beck finally is at rest. I will miss you.